Adoption & Infertility

Adoption & Infertility


For those of you experiencing infertility, we know the pain, sorrow and stress this can put on an otherwise healthy, loving relationship. When a couple expects to conceive a child the way God intended, and it doesn't happen, it can often generate feelings of doubt, regret, shame, jealousy, depression and even total anger. You may be going through medical treatments you never dreamed of or wanted--and are experiencing financial stress as a result. The questions you want answered are "WHY ME"? or "WHY US"? The therapist can help you work through your very personal grief and loss issues surrounding this painful situation. There is hope - talk to one of our therapists today!


The adoption triad consists of (1) the birth parent(s), (2) the adoptive parents, and (3) the adoptee. All three represent a unique part of each and every adoption that takes place. Are you in one of these situations, struggling with some facet of an adoption?

Couples considering adoption may have many questions about what adoption is and whether or not it is right for them. Maybe you are a single person wanting to adopt a
child, or possibly a relative considering adopting a niece, nephew or grandchild. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and we know it is often a difficult decision with many things to consider. Our therapists will help dispel the myths surrounding adoption. They will help you sift through any barriers to your possible adoption, or even issues resulting from an adoption. There are no two stories alike. What will yours be?

You might be the person (birthparent) who wants to plan an adoption for an unwanted pregnancy. You might not believe in abortion, but you know you cannot give your child a proper life at this time. Still, you want him or her to grow up in a good family that can
provide everything he or she needs. This decision is one of the hardest and it is, by far, one of the most selfless acts of love in existence. Your therapist can guide you through this decision process and help you with resources if you decide to plan the gift of adoption for your baby.

As an adoptee, you may have many unanswered questions or mixed feelings about the fact that you are adopted. The most prevalent question, "Why did my mother give me up?" is often a difficult one to understand. Maybe your birth mother loved you too much to keep you in her life situation at the time. 

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