Family & Christian Counseling

Family/Christian Counseling?

What Is Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling, at Change Is Possible Counseling Services, LLC, is when a therapist who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, desires to work with others in the community within that relationship. The common bond of a love and respect for the Triune God Yahweh enhances the counseling relationship like none other! Prayer is a vital component in the counseling process. The therapist, as a Christian Counselor, prays each day for clients and seeks for direction from above with each case. The therapist, upon request by the client, will gladly incorporate prayer into the counseling session. Call our friendly staff today to see how this program can help you! 586-264-3692

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God! 
Luke 18:27

Family Issues

There are many family issues that can negatively impact all members of a family unit. Separation, divorce, remarriage, loss of a family member and financial stress are only a few of the many issues affecting families today. Individual mental and/or physical illness can also impact the family system, and can create maladaptive patterns of interaction. Families often enter treatment when the children begin to show behavioral and/or emotional issues that impact daily life. Often, children are the “barometer” of the family’s functioning and can act out when something is awry within the family. Please, do not wait until symptoms arise within your family. If you and/or your family are experiencing a difficult or potentially difficult life situation or transition, contact our family-friendly clinicians at Change Is Possible Counseling Services, LLC. We will assist your family in determining the proper type and course of treatment. It is our goal to help you identify the concerns within your family, and help you strengthen your family bond. When the most important people in your life are having difficulty functioning together, we are here to guide you through it.

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Parent/Child Difficulties

As we all grow and change, we become different people. We change our beliefs, our attitudes, and tolerance for different types of behavior.

As toddlers enter school age, as children become teenagers, or as teens enter into adulthood there will inevitably be times when what parents think is best and what they feel is right for their children will differ dramatically. Everyone spends their lives forming their identities and trying to find a comfortable level of self-acceptance that allows them to function in the larger world.

Counseling for Parent and Child difficulties can help each of you find your voice, express your feelings and learn to compromise for the sake of trying to live together in harmony. While you may have disagreements, learning to communicate and resolve issues as they arise will help you both build a stronger relationship and become healthier people. 

 Please call our office today at 586-264-3692 for help in this challenging area of life!
Call our friendly staff today to see how this program can help you! 586-264-3692 
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