Is Counseling for Me?

Counseling for Me?

Is Counseling For Me?

Ask yourself the following questions to help determine whether or not counseling is right for you:

? Is there something in my life that I really need to talk to someone about?

? Am I experiencing feelings that I either do not understand or are unable to cope with at this time?

? Is there any situation or relationship in my life that I know could be much better than it is right now?

? Am I feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and stressors of life and want to find much-needed answers to end this pain?

? Would I benefit from enhancing my skills in assertiveness, self-esteem, anger     management, or in communicating with family, friends, or co-workers?
Call 586-264-3692 now and start your CHANGE for the better! Our knowledgeable support staff will seek to answer any remaining questions you may have!
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