What's Involved?

What is Involved in Counseling?

What's Involved

Now that you have decided to become involved in counseling, what is the next step? 
  1. Do not delay! Problems that you are experiencing today rarely go away on their own and may even become worse as you delay treatment. Remember, you cannot be there for anyone else unless you are there for yourself.
  2. Pick up the phone and talk with one of our friendly support staff. This is an excellent way to get the process started and discover important information on your treatment. During this intake, you will be asked to briefly describe the issues you are facing, list days and times which are best for you to be seen by a therapist and discuss fees based on either private pay or the use of medical insurance. 
  3. Make an appointment for your initial assessment session. We have very flexible day, evening and weekend hours of service. Set aside up to 90 minutes for this initial meeting, and show up for your appointment. PLEASE contact your therapist if something comes up and you are unable to keep your appointment. Things come up that are beyond our control and your counselor will understand-notify the therapist as soon as possible of your change in plans.
  4. Come to the initial assessment ready to learn some things about yourself and be willing to share yourself with your therapist. Commit to therapy and watch changes begin to happen!
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