Marriage/Couple Counseling

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples therapists are specialized mental health professionals trained in psychotherapy and family systems. They diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage, couples, and family systems. Couples therapists generally work with partners to promote more positive individual and couple functioning. They may work with premarital couples and couples who may be going through the process of separation or divorce. Couples therapists receive specialized training and are licensed by the state of Michigan as Marriage and Family Therapists.

Premarital Assessment and Counseling

Being engaged to marry can be a very exciting time in a couple’s life! Even so, there are many such reasons lovers may seek out and become involved in couple treatment before the planning of or the actual taking of their vows. Perhaps you are planning to marry in a Church, and your Pastor has requested that you enter premarital counseling prior to the wedding? Maybe one or both of you have been married before and are interested in seeking professional help prior to taking this important step? Possibly there are children involved, and the union would create a blended family? Often times though, partners find themselves uncertain if their decision to marry is out of infatuation or true mature love - one in which the couple can and will stay married to their partner for a lifetime! No matter the reason or reasons you may think premarital counseling is right for you - Change Is Possible Counseling Services, LLC has Marriage and Family Therapists ready and able to assist you with this process. Our Premarital Assessment & Counseling Program will use validated evaluations to aid in this treatment process. Please call us today at 586-264-3692!


Infidelity comes in many forms, and some research suggests it occurs in up to 40-60% of committed relationships. Whether the infidelity is physical and/or emotional, online or in person, short or long-term, its effects are devastating to all those involved. Both partners may experience a wide array of emotions following the disclosure or discovery of an affair including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and loss of trust to name a few. Other members of the family unit are also directly or indirectly affected by infidelity. Children may begin to act out behaviorally and family patterns of interaction can be negatively impacted. Whatever effect infidelity may have on your life, treatment can help you make a positive step toward your recovery from infidelity.

Many believe affairs only occur in unhappy relationships. The reality is infidelity affects those in unhappy and happy relationships. You are not alone. Many individuals and couples enter therapy with varying treatment goals including wanting help working through their relational ambivalence, rebuilding the relationship, or separating in the most constructive way. Whether it is individual, couple, and/or family therapy you seek, your clinician will assist you in determining your purpose of treatment. You need not be ashamed or cope with infidelity alone. The qualified clinicians at Change Is Possible Counseling Services, LLC can assist you in whatever form of treatment you choose, and will do so in a nonjudgmental way. Please call us at 586-264-3692 today!
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